Chance Lykins


Chance Lykins has over a decade of experience in legislative lobbying in Trenton. He works closely on state and federal regulatory issues, identifying areas where clients can maximize results through grants and appropriations.

With recent successes including the enactment of “Ricci’s Law” and ATV legislation, Chance has developed close working relationships with key legislative leaders and staff members on both sides of the political aisle all across the state. Chance has specialized in building partnerships and coalitions of diverse groups to support our client objectives.

Chance was the Vice President of Insight Consulting Services before that firm merged with MBI. He is a former Executive Director of the New Jersey Prosperity Project, which provides businesses, trade associations, and employers the tools needed to communicate non-partisan information about the importance of state and federal elections. Previously he headed two successful construction companies in Kentucky and Florida.

Chance attended the University of Kentucky majoring in political science and has worked in various political campaigns in Kentucky, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Chance Lykins

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